Measurement Price Calculator 1.0.0

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Create simple products with variable length, area or volume attribute and easily manage price per unit basis. Dynamically calculates the price from user entered input values. Best for product like windows, doors, blinds, carpets, sheets, tiles, wires etc.

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Measurement Price Calculator



Price Calculator extension enables Magento store owners to achieve dynamic length, area and volume based pricing based on user entered values. The extension supports user input in (Inches, feet, Millimeters, Centimeters and Meters) and convert those into the output unit defined globally or per product.

This module is ideal for products requires pricing based on size, area or volume: for example Windows, blinds, carpets, sheets, wood, glass, frames, pictures, tiles, pipes, wires, ropes etc.

Input ranges can be defined for each price calculator based options and with “drop-down” type input support you can set a predefine list of values to choose from.

Community Edition 1.5.x.x - 1.9.x.x
Enterprise Edition 1.10.x.x -


  • Enable/Disable module from configuration
  • Can be used for single option i.e Length or height etc
  • Can be used for area based products i.e Length x Width etc
  • Can be used for volume based products i.e Length x Width x Height
  • Discount on output value e.g result of [L x W] etc
  • Supported product types: Simple
  • Supports fixed and percent discount
  • Supports multiple discounts per product
  • Global or per product based settings for discount
  • 5 input unit types i.e. Inches, feet, millimeter, centimeter and meter
  • 5 output unit types i.e. Inches, feet, millimeter, centimeter and meter
  • Can set validation messages per product or globally
  • Free professional installation on Community edition

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Best price calculator module

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Measurement Price Calculator
I used price calculator for my window blinds store. It's very easy to use and saves you from creating multiple products for different sizes. You can restrict the maximum size of product. I will definitely recommend it for anyone selling products with variable length and width.

Great extension

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Measurement Price Calculator
Very easy to install and use, works perfectly!

Thank you

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