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Magerevol offers best and the most economical magento extensions and modules for your online e-commerce store to increase your sales.

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  1. Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Magento


    Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Magento

    Multi-vendor Marketplace extension for Magento allows you to turn your magento store into a Marketplace where different vendors can create their own stores and sell their products. With powerful product management interface vendors can create products easily and efficiently. Learn More
  2. Tile Price Calculator


    Tile Price Calculator

    The Tile Price Calculator Magento extension allows customer to enter the size of a wall or floor to calculate the number of tiles required for that area. You can enter the size separately for different areas for example room, dinning, kitchen etc and the module will calculate all the area and give you total number of tiles required. Learn More
  3. Invoice Email


    Invoice Email

    The Invoice Email Magento extension creates an extra field in user registration form for invoice and shipment emails. Customer can specify a different email address for receiving invoice and shipment emails and if not specified will get emails on his default email address. Learn More
  4. Product Attachments


    Product Attachments

    The Product Attachments Magento extension allows you to easily upload and attach multiple files to product or CMS pages. With multi-stores and users group support you can control the visibility of files at frontend in many different ways. Learn More
  5. Geoip Stores


    Geoip Stores

    The Geoip Stores Magento extension allows you to create geoip based stores to redirect visitors, based on their location, to a specific store. This module also supports multi website configuration and is best for controlling the shipment of your products. Learn More
  6. Advance Price Calculator


    Advance Price Calculator

    Advance Price Calculator Magento extension is an extended version of price calculator module to achieve multiple dynamic lengths, area and volume based pricing per product. This module is designed to calculate the price of a product with multiple units/parts, each requiring separate measurements. The extension supports user input in (Inches, feet, Millimeters, Centimeters and Meters) and convert those into the output unit defined per product. Learn More
  7. Advance Table Pricing using CSV


    Advance Table Pricing using CSV

    The Advance Table Pricing magento module allows you to easily create and manage products with one or two dimensions with variable sizes and variable prices. This module uses CSV file to calculate price against the user’s selected size. Easily create all the available sizes and prices in a CSV file and assign it to a product. With drop-down input support you can restrict the user to select sizes from predefined list thus giving you more control over the product sizes and price. Learn More
  8. Geoip Banner


    Geoip Banner

    The Geoip Banner Magento extension allows you create banners for specific or set of countries. The Geoip IP Geolocation feature detects the visitor’s country and display the banners accordingly. The Geoip Banner module is also multi-store enabled which means you can create tones of different banners sets for different groups of visitors. This Geolocation based module is best for multilingual stores to create banners in different languages and graphics and assign them to different countries. Learn More
  9. Frequently Bought Together - Related Products Pro


    Frequently Bought Together - Related Products Pro

    The Related Products Pro/ Frequently Bought Together Magento extension by Magerevol replaces core module Related Products with Frequently Bought Together block as in amazon.com. This module encourages customers to buy additional products other customers have bought, increasing your cross-sells and total purchase amounts. Learn More
  10. Home Tabs


    Home Tabs

    The Home Tabs Magento extension by Magerevol makes your Home page more informative and attractive. This module allows you to display most popular products at the Home page of your store in more presentable and neat way. Learn More
  11. Featured Products


    Featured Products

    Featured Products extension enables you to display featured products per category or from your entire catalog in a slider to market your products more efficiently. Learn More
  12. Per Product Shipping Flat Rate


    Per Product Shipping Flat Rate

    Per Product Shipping Flat Rate extension enables Magento store owners to set flat shipping rate per product and also restrict shipping a product to certain countries. Learn More
  13. Measurement Price Calculator


    Measurement Price Calculator

    Create simple products with variable length, area or volume attribute and easily manage price per unit basis. Dynamically calculates the price from user entered input values. Best for product like windows, doors, blinds, carpets, sheets, tiles, wires etc. Learn More
  14. Quick Contact Form


    Quick Contact Form

    Quick Contact extension for Magento enables you to embed contact form anywhere in page easily. Quick Contact is CAPTCHA enabled to protect your site from spammers. You can configure Quick Contact to send email or save messages to database or both. Learn More
  15. Easy Testimonial


    Easy Testimonial

    Easy Testimonial is a powerful extension that allows you to display and highlight customer testimonials in a pleasing manner. Our extension supports 27 transition effects for displaying testimonial in sidebar. It supports images and video formats like flv, mp4 and swf. Learn More
  16. Product Questions


    Product Questions

    The Product Questions Magento extension lets your potential customers ask you product-related questions on the product page itself. Answer them right there - and resolve their doubts. Learn More
  17. FAQ Plus


    FAQ Plus

    FAQ Plus extension allows you to easily manage Frequently Asked Questions in categories and present them to the site visitors in a pleasant way. Learn More
  18. Banner Pro


    Banner Pro

    Banner Pro extension for Magento has over 100 customizable properties that can be set when the Slider is instantiated. Banner Pro allows you to easily create and edit slides. There are 12 slider skins to choose from plus 13 scroll bar skins. Add captions with simple text or HTML text. You can also define a custom size and position for each caption. Banner Pro integrates the popular prettyPhoto script to allow you to easily add lightbox content. You can choose between 6 lightbox themes. Learn More
  19. Shop by Brands


    Shop by Brands

    Shop by Brand extension for Magento enables you to create brands and attach products with them either from the extension page or from product edit page. Each brand will have its own page with SEO friendly URL. You can easily browse all your products by brand. Learn More
  20. Quick Product Edit


    Quick Product Edit

    Magerevol Quick Product Edit extension will allow you to quickly edit the Product Name, SKU, Price, Special Price, Quantity, Short Description and Full Description on the product grid in a popup menu without having to reload the page. It will save you a lot of time if there are many products need to be edited. Quick Product Edit is a must have extension for every store. Learn More

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